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Joseph Ng



Yorktown, NY


Basic Pictures and Joseph Ng Studio provides custom large format fine art and Giclee printing, also other photography related services.  Serving clients in New York City, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Hudson Valley, West Connecticut, New Jersey...etc

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Photo restoration

My photo restoration service is the most extensive level of digital repair, and I am acknowledged experts in photo restoration. The advanced photo restoration techniques allow me to return nearly any photo to their former glory, even those damaged by fire, light, water, mold, pets, or children.

The sky is really the limit, simply tell us what you'd like and we'll let you know if it can be done.

Common problems that can be repaired include:

• Smoke and fire damage; staining and discoloration due to water damage or mold and mildew

• Cracks and tears due to improper handling; folding, rolling or bending; age; brittleness

• Damage from contact with acid-based supports, adhesives and storage materials

• Excessive exposure to ultraviolet light and other damaging atmospheric factors

• Missing and/or stuck pieces due to contact with frame or glass condensation

• Photos broken into many pieces due to improper storage and handling

• Fading or darkening of image due to age and/or exposure to chemical and environmental factors

• Damage from handwriting, pen & ink or other written or printed mark

Can we send you physical photos for scanning?


If the photo is already converted to digital format.  You may send it to me.  Otherwise, you will need to package it in a secure cardboard envelope and send it to us.  I am not responsible for any damage during the shipping.  If time and location permitted.  I can come to your resident to pickup the photo.

How much would I be charged for the job:

Charges for photo restoration depends on condition of the photo. I can give you detail price quote in 12 hours once we receive photos.

If you don't see what you're looking for, contact me. Chances are that I can help you out.